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Portable Ambient Air Monitor for TIC's, CWA's & CBRN

Environics ChempPro 100

The ChemPro100i CBRN is a handheld chemical detector initially developed for detecting CWA and TIC vapors and gases in military, safety and security applications employing a combination of Environics-patented open-loop ion mobility spectrometry and metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors, temperature and humidity sensors utilizing advanced fuzzy logic-algorithm for pattern recognition algorithm. As is typical for chemical detectors, the detection and identification performance is predominantly given in the application specific library. Multiple libraries are available for CWA's, TIC's, First Responders and more.. These libraries are easily selectable in the user interface. The ChemPro 100i offers improved detection sensitivity and low false alarm issues.   The ChemPro100i detector also handles biological and radiological detection. 

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