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Single Gas Portable

RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro

Our options for Single Gas Instruments are reliable and accurate. They can monitor a full range of volatile organic compounds, common toxic industrial gases and combustible gases. These instruments can be linked to Wireless Networks so you can have anywhere, anytime access alarms and readings. This will ensure faster response and better visibility. These products help minimize downtime and help elevate worker protection to the next level.  The five-way alarm notification system will immediately alert when a dangerous concentration of a toxic or combustible gas is detected. In particular, the new ToxiRAE Family of instruments are extremely user friendly for efficient and simple calibration and maintenance. Calibration and bump testing can be as easy as a press of a button!

Single gas detectors are often referred to as personal gas monitors. A wide range of industries use these detectors and they are commonly attached to worker’s clothes, take a look around, you may see them on your local firemen and policemen!



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