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Toxic Chemical & Combustible Gas Detectors

Toxic gas & combustion analyzers & monitors

RAE Systems by Honeywell each have Combustion Gas Analyzer options and Toxic Gas Monitor options used in ensuring worker safety in toxic and combustible gas environments.

We have single gas, pager-style detectors for toxic gas detection and oxygen depletion detection.  There are also multi-gas versions of these and both styles are designed to securely clip onto a belt, shirt, jacket or hardhat.  We have these in repairable and disposable 2-year models.

Are you concerned with climbing into a confined space?  We have handheld analyzers that will tell you how safe that environment might be for you.

You have a choice of more than ten different toxic gases to use in the two on-board sensor locations.  You can detect oxygen depletion and combustible gas or LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) presence with these detectors. Here is a bonus: the Honeywell Analytics gas detector can be supplied with an infrared CO2 sensor.


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