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Testo 350Testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer - Designed for the job site with features to make testing easier.

• The flow-controlled pump and gas paths (built with non-reactive materials) set the standard in sampling. No need to fumble with valves and flow meters because the 350 automatically corrects for positive or negative pressure. Combine these with Teflon-lined sample hoses that utilize high-velocity sample transport and you get faster response and better sample integrity.

Testo 350 Portable Emissions Analyzer Kits

• The thermoelectric (Peltier-type) sample conditioner and peristaltic pump automatically removes moisture and provides a dry sample for more accurate results for EPA testing & compliance.

• The dilution system has proven to be essential in many applications where high concentrations are encountered. The system increases sensor life by reducing the concentrations and it automatically displays corrected values. It essentially eliminates problems with cross sensitivity.

For example, the system ensures that CO measurements on rich burn engines are accurate and account for cross sensitive gases (H2 ).

Proven technologies provide more testing versatility.
• Sensing technologies, such as electrochemical and infrared, combined to offer long-term measurement stability and superior response.
• Digital sensors provide numerous site benefits, including:
• Calibration history
• Continuous temperature compensation (every second)
• Interference filter (with electronic lifespan indicator)
• Advanced temperature monitoring combined with new thermal control strategies result in unwavering temperature stability and confidence in the measurement.
• Smarter diagnostics provide more information. When testing conditions are not correct, detailed messages explain the reason and corrective action.

Testo 350 Portable Emissions Analyzer Kits