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Hazardous Incident Response Equipment
HIRE Program (Hazardous Incident Response Equipment)

Don Wolf & Associates are authorized to assist City & County Government Agencies, based in the State of California, in avoiding the three bid process AND saving up to 12% on most RAE System products under the HIRE Program! Free shipping too!

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Several different States, including California, have recently entered into an agreement with RAE Systems, Inc. The agreement permits any and all State, County and Municipal entities within the State to procure RAE Systems Instrumentation and related emergency response equipment without the need for a formalized bid process. The benefits that this contract vehicle provides are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Pricing discounts The New York State contract assures that participating agencies receive: 12% discount on RAE Systems portable instruments and supplies
  • This contract is also the ONLY mechanism that permits a discount (5%) off RAE Systems Wireless products, including: AreaRAE Rapid Deployment Kits and many associated wireless products
  • End users can now work more closely with procurement officials in locating local, participating RAE Systems distributors, whom they already know and trust like Don Wolf & Associates, Inc..
  • This frees up typical procurement time, effort, and expense, as well as permits your procurement department to deal with known, trustworthy vendors like Don Wolf & Associates, Inc..
  • No obligation to buy off the contract; it simplifies the process for those that do

(This Participating Addendum covers the purchase of Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) for all State Agencies and will include all California political subdivisions/local governments. A subdivision/local government is defined as any city, county, city and county, district, or other local governmental body or corporation, including the California State Universities (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems, K-12 schools and community colleges empowered to expend public funds. Don Wolf & Associates is your California Distributor.)  

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