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Don Wolf Components  Used for Realistic Dummies for Medical Training for Doctors and First Responders.  

Technology gives us a way to do training with components that Donwolf.com sells to help industries.   

At a glance it looks just like a mannequin. But this is no dummy. It is a high tech patient simulator. It's equipped with robotics that allows it to move, hemorrhage and provide vitals for doctors. "The mannequin did look very realistic," Benjamin said. "You were able to do a neuro check, move extremities, look at his eyes, and his breathing and respirations were very accurate." The patient simulator is a product of a company called Trauma FX. It was designed to help doctors prepare for trauma cases like war-zone injuries, car crashes, gunshot wounds and amputations. 

See more at https://www.cnn.com/2013/10/23/tech/innovation/trauma-dummies/index.html


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