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Calibration Gases

Calibration Gases

Calibration gases are probably the most important part of working with all types of analyzers, monitors, meters and detectors for ambient air and exhaust gas monitoring.

  • We supply a wide variety of these for virtually every need you will have. These are designed to be portable (and transportable) so that you can have them on hand with a minimum of effort.
  • The calibration gas bottles range in volume from 17 liters to 221 liters and we have them in both disposable and refillable styles.
  • We also have gas flow regulators that screw right onto the bottles available with preset flow rates, adjustable flow rates and even one that is a demand flow rate regulator and feeds only the rate of gas that the monitor draws in.

We'll put together the perfect calibration kit for your specific application. We can help you prove that your equipment is in complete compliance!


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