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Analyzer/Detector Service Programs

Analyzer/Detector Service Programs



Wolfpack Service Program 

The Wolfpack Service Program for your Testo Emissions Analyzers, offered exclusively through Don Wolf & Associates, Inc., is designed to keep your Testo Combustion/Emissions analyzer up to date and in perfect working order while saving you a substantial amount of money in the process.


The Wolfpack Service Program is offered exclusively by Don Wolf & Associates, Inc. for your Testo 350, 340 & 350XL regardless of age.

For a one-time fee you get:

  • Up to six calibrations (or linearity and stability checks if you choose that plan) over a 4-year span
  • No charge for all labor
  • Automatically expedited service
  • 5% discount on all parts and consumables
  • 10% discount on sensors and upgrades
  • 25% discount on training in Southern California
  • Free technical support during regular office hours

This contract will last for four years with a guarantee that the labor and calibration rates will not increase during that entire time. The Don Wolf & Associates Wolfpack Testo Service Program is a great way to keep you worry-free for four years and can save you as much as $1,700 in total costs.


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RaeSystems/Honeywell Guaranteed Cost of Ownership Plan (GCO)

The Guarantee Cost of Ownership plans from Rae Systems are designed to lower the total cost of operating a gas detection instrument for a period of 4 years.  More than an extended warranty to cover repair costs, GCO's deliver the annual maintenance services that a gas detection instrument requires over the course of its service life.  GCO plans offer great value, providing parts and services at a lower cost than if purchasing it separately. GCO plans are available up to a year after the purchase of your MultiRAE, MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000, UltraRAE 3000, VRAE, AutoRAE 2 & AreaRAE detector.

Please call for pricing and details (800)266-2046

RaeSystems/Honeywell One Price Repair Program (OPR)

One Price Repair (OPR) plans offer the premium-level refurbishment that only a manufacturer can deliver. The
service life of a gas detection instrument is measured in years, despite the harsh and demanding environments that
are normal for them. OPR plans allow customers to bring an instrument back to a condition that is as close to new as
possible, often for a fraction of the cost of a new instrument. RAE Systems OPR plans also come with a one-year
warranty covering all parts and labor.
• Reduces overall cost of ownership by up to 50%
• Sensor Option includes brand-new sensors and lamps
• Complete factory refurbishment includes calibration, repair, and test of all internal components
• One-year parts and labor warranty (sensors and lamps are covered by their applicable warranties)
• Quick turnaround time
• One Price Repair does not cover:
– Water and chemical damage
– Improper use or care of product
– Any product that is used for rental or demonstration purposes
– 11.7 eV lamp
• The RAE Systems reserves the right to determine if a product is qualified for
Call for pricing and details (800) 266-2046
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