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 This is where Don Wolf & Associates, Inc. started our business over 20 years ago.  Don Wolf, Sr. had a great relationship with several solenoid valve customers when he worked as a sales manager for ITT General Controls.  That good will brought those customers to him when he decided to do this on his own.  He began a handshake relationship with Precision Dynamics Solenoid Valves (now Predyne division of Gems Sensors and Controls) back in 1983 and hasn't looked back.  Predyne makes custom, specialty solenoid valves for a wide variety of applications at very competitive prices.

Kuhnke Automation is a pneumatics, one-stop shop for all of your automation needs.  If they don't have it you didn't need it in the first place.  Miniature, din rail mounted, stackable solenoid valves in 2, 3 and 4 way configurations are available with a variety of connections, voltages and pressure ratings.  Try stumping us on any pneumatic control application.  We double dog dare ya!

We at DW&A, with the help of Predyne and our loyal customers out there, have designed what is probably the very best solenoid valve series ever developed for use in cryogenic applications.  Bold statement?  Yep, and quite true!  Liquid nitrogen, (LN2) is a non-lubricating, harsh service for any valve, little less a high cycle-rate solenoid-operated valve.  Their most common use is in environmental chambers where the temperatures need to be held to exact tolerances.  That translates into a valve being opened and closed millions of times in only a few months.  Most other manufacturer's valves die after only a few hundred thousand cycles but ours have been tested to last over 6 million!  Prepare to be amazed...