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Air Quality:

Does Your Law Enforcement Unit Need an Air Monitor for Toxic Industrial Chemicals?

Protect Your Sensitive Equipment from the Humidity

Smokey Is a Good Reminder to Invest in an Air Quality Monitor

Quick and Accurate Gas Leak Detection: Testo 316-1 & 316-2

New AreaRAE Pro & AreaRAE Plus

Hurricanes Show How Important It Is to Actively Monitor Combustible Gases

How Well Is the Air Flowing in Your Facility?

Testo Product Training Workshops at

Are People Really Allergic to Dust?

What Can Cause CO2 Poisoning?

Is Your Gas Analyzer Correctly Calibrated?

We’ll Repair Your Analyzers and Instruments While You Wait


An Industrial Pressure Switch You Can Rely On

Get the Fluid Control Systems You Need Now with 0% Financing|

What is Chemical Vapor Disposition?

Uses of Radiation in the Medical Field

World's Longest Lasting Cryogenic Solenoid Valves Custom Designed 

Don Wolf Pressure Meters will allow you to Determine Differential Pressure

Why You Need to Know the Noise Laws of Your Locality

Determining Differential Pressure

Contract Engineering, Manufacturing & Testing

Protect Your Employees By Knowing the Signs of Heat Exhaustion

What Is a NIST Certificate?

Is Your Corporate Emergency Plan Up to Date?

Is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss a Risk at Your Job Site?

Neutron & Gamma Radiation Detector for HazMat teams, Power plants & more.

Water Quality:

Pathfinder is an OEM and an Authorized, Value-Added Reseller of Sensorex Products

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